Staff training- 1-3 hours:

    *What is mindfulness

    *Why it's helpful for teachers and students

     *How it works (neuroscience)

     *Specific techniques and practice

Mindfulness lessons for students:

     *Anywhere from 8-16 lessons

     *15 minutes in length

     *Comes with Mindful Schools student and teacher workbooks

      *Data collection available

      *Sample lessons include: mindful breathing, mindful listening, mindful test taking, generosity, sending kind thoughts, mindful movement, etc.

Parent training- 30-60 minute sessions

     *Similar to staff training but tailored to parents and how they can support their children

      *Comes with parent handbook


30-60 minute sessions for parents, children, and whole families

Gives families the skills they need to manage stressors, improve relationships, compassion, and concentration/focus.

Lessons are age dependent and tailored to specific families' needs.


Group and individual training- any number of 30-60 minute sessions focusing on:

   *What is mindfulness and how athletes can use it to improve concentration and performance

   *How to use discomfort in athletics.

   *An increased awareness of our self talk that interferes with performance


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Expectant parents

6-10 week curriculum designed to support expectant parents with labor and delivery. Includes:

  *Relationship to sensations during labor and delivery

  *Ways to manage discomfort during pregnancy, labor and delivery

   *Ways to manage stress related to pregnancy and upcoming delivery

   *Promotes communication between partners