Mindfulness is gaining more and more support every year. Here are some research findings to support the use of mindfulness:

Mindfulness creates changes in the brain that are shown to improve emotional contract and increase sustained attention. Numerous studies have shown there to be an increased ability to complete tasks because of improved focus, concentration, awareness, and emotional regulation. 

Personal practice of mindfulness is associated with a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, and increased ability to tolerate challenges. You can't change life's challenges but you can change the way you respond to them.

Mindfulness is connected to increased compassion for others and one's self, as well as increased connection with others.

Research has demonstrated the efficacy of mindfulness for children and adults, in a variety of professions.

In two elementary schools in Concord, NH in 2017-18:

94% Enjoyed mindfulness classes

84% felt mindfulness helped them in their lives

60% felt mindfulness helped them get better grades

61% felt it helped them focus better in class 

71% felt it helped calm them down when upset

62% felt it helped them fall asleep at night

86% reported they would use mindfulness in the future

92% felt other kids should learn mindfulness skills