Do you go through your day in autopilot?

Snap at people?

Have difficulty managing stress?

Feel like you're missing out on life?

Find yourself distracted easily?

Have difficulty getting things done?

If so, mindfulness practice may help.


What is Mindfulness?

Bringing awareness to the present moment and meeting the present with an open and accepting stance. By doing so, you are able to slow down in order to respond to frustrating situations rather than react. 

It has been shown to improve:

Emotion regulation 

impulse control

concentration & focus 


relational awareness

stress management

Y0u can't control life's challenges and circumstances. You can control how you respond.

Margreta Doerfler, MSW, LICSW

Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Psychotherapist at Counseling Associates, Bedford, NH


Manchester, NH

The average person checks their cell phone 212 times per day. How often do you check in with yourself?